Okay after some digging I’ve come to realise that kelf are really going overboard and I may have been a bit harsh on Sungmin. If anything, he has disappointed us because of the way he handled the scandal but that’s understandable I guess, still, I find it hard to not judge him and lose some respects for him. Apart from that, I think I’m fine with other things. I could care no less about the girl because I barely care about anyone rather than Suju.
Kyumin. Well this is awkward because I really thought they were real, to the point I shamelessly claimed it out loud. /facepalms/ But yeah this teaches me a great lesson about how delusional we can be so that we completely believe our delusions are real. And lol at kpop idols being gay. If Heechul isn’t and Sungmin isn’t then perhaps no one is.

Anonymous said: if you don't care then why do you keep posting stuff about him? :/

apparently I still care and look at news about him and stuff until I get used to seeing less of him. 

but what I meant is honeymoon is a certain thing it’s not like people would wow at that so in general, who cares /inserts bitter face/




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[120802 sukira] Min: While the music was on earlier, I said, “If ever I get married, I certainly want to have individual rooms because sense of mystery…

So… will you not move out of dorm after getting married?

Anonymous said: Interesting that you're taking a far different side in this ordeal...

Thanks God this is not a hateful message ;)



Article: Sungmin after his wedding announcement ‘feeling sorry towards fans that he can’t hold his head up’

atticle in english here: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.mx/2014/10/sungmin-looks-sorry-at-airport.html?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+434,…

5. [+28, -7] Why’s he so sorry that he can’t hold his head up if all he’s doing is getting married? Unless, of course, he has a reason he needs to be sorry for ~?



Looking sorry may earn you some sympathy but it won’t change the fact that you are a coward after all.  

All respects to Korean ELF. Once they are upset, they will do everything.